New beginnings

Sheri Matthews sherry & ivy

Flowers & Freckles has been my ‘Little Corner of the Internet’ for the last 6 years, loved and cherished. In recent times, however, it sadly, fell into disrepair. And when I say disrepair, I mean neglected to the point that the hosting and domain registration expired and Idiot Over Here lost just about all 6 years worth of content.

Not one to be deterred by such small, and simple, inconveniences, or beaten by Very Complicated And Difficult hosting providers, I vowed to bring this LCOTI back to life. Welcome to Flowers & Freckles 2.0.

I suppose if I’m entirely honest, I’m not completely and utterly disappointed by losing the old site; I think it was obvious to everyone who knew me and those who actually read my posts, that I’d fallen out of love with what I was doing. My beloved website had become littered with content that wasn’t my own (read: post-uni Sheri needing extra dollar & saying yes to all the PRs that came a-knockin’) and migrating from Blogger to WordPress DESTROYED the format of most of my pre-WordPress posts (we’re talking 100s of posts). And when you’re a perfectionist like me, that kind of crap just won’t do.

So here I am, grasping the opportunity to start fresh with both hands and diving back in.

Stick around and let’s see how this goes?

S x


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