Life: 5 Autumn Goals

As I write this, it’s 2:30 pm, I’m sat in the middle of my bed wearing the pyjamas I got up in, overheating from the warmth of my cat Gizmo because he’s in a clingy mood today and I need to re-name him Shadow. I’m sick, my hair hasn’t been washed for 4 days (which isn’t anything particularly unusual but helps to set the scene no?) and today what I’ve achieved can be summarised in one sentence: I’ve started watching a grand total of 4 shows on Netflix trying to find something to fill the Riverdale hole in my life and stop the mind-numbing boredom of being sick.

And THEN the lovely people at It Cosmetics (more on them later) sent me some lovely make-up goodies in the post and I was reminded of the much-neglected corner of the internet that I used to call my own. ‘Get up’ my internal monologue said, ‘stop wasting your life scrolling endlessly through Netflix, get up and do something that might just inject a little bit of good into the world (read: I watched the first 30 minutes of The Good Life). So here I am, laying down some seasonal goals and trying to entertain you in the process.

1. Stop being sick

I mean it, I’ve already been sick twice this month, TWICE. Being sick sucks and obviously, my immune system is in need of a boost so Berocca and multivitamins are going to actually become a daily occurrence (not the ‘daily’ that I currently tell myself they are when actually they’re probably more like bi-weekly). I’m also going to book that flu shot that I put off every year but shouldn’t because asthma is no joke. And anti-bac, I’m definitely going to invest in some anti-bac hand gel for my commute.

2. Get out and enjoy the outdoors this autumn

I’ve been a National Trust member for about 2 years and how many times have I used that membership? A grand total of twice. Autumn is my favourite season so I really want to make the most of it and get out. There’s a local farm just a mile away I’ve been meaning to walk to and plenty of National Trust sites nearby that would make an excellent and free weekend afternoon out.

3. Embrace my natural hair…

This one stems from a longing to be slightly less high maintenance (I hate that phrase, I say it through gritted teeth) – I’ve always been jealous of friends who feel totally confident in throwing on some clothes and running out of the house with a fresh-face and wild hair. I think the make-up is here to stay (everyone has a vice right?!) but the hair styling I can do without – it’d be nice to be able to spontaneously get out of the house without the spontaneousness being ruined by my 45mins – 1hour getting ready time – time to embrace oh-natural.

4. Commit to a more vegan lifestyle

I don’t eat meat and I haven’t done for about 4/5 years now and the other week my housemate mentioned she’d like to try out being vegan. We agreed to introduce some more vegan meals into our diet (because even from being veggie, vegan feels like a big leap and not something that’d necessarily be supported by other friends/family members) but to be honest, we haven’t done an amazing job at this so far so I’m going to try harder. By the end of the year, I’d like to be able to commit to 2-3 vegan days/week.

5. Stop buying plastic bags

Seriously Sheri, stop being a dick, remember to take out and use just one of the eleventy-billion tote bags you have lying around the house and stop buying Sainsbury’s plastic bags instead. It’s a simple one but every time I buy a plastic bag I feel my good score decreasing a little bit. (another The Good Place reference, watch the first 15 mins and you’ll get it, I’m probably never going to watch the rest of the series but I like the concept of everything you do adding up to a goodness score at the end of your life)

S x


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